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The word ‘Technology’ has it’s origins from Greek. Technology is a result of science and engineering. It is the manner adopted by humans to improve their surroundings.One of the method involved is – making use of tools and machines to carry out tasks efficiently. With time we have observed rapid growth and change in technology like PCS, podcasts, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, electronic teaching centers, etc. One amongst the several technologies is the Virtual Private Network.A VPN is a private network that uses a public network like the internet to connect remote sites and users. A VPN uses “virtual” connections routed through the internet from the company’s private network to the remote site or employee.A public network like the internet can help carry VPN traffic based on certain standard protocols. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the VPN customer and the VPN service provider is drawn in order to enable the existence of a service providers private network.Advantages of a VPN:* Improved security and productivity* Simplified network topology* Reduced operational and transportation costs* Faster Return on Investment* Extensive connectivity across the globeFeatures:* Reliable* Secure* Scalable* Network and policy managementTypes of VPN:1. Remote Access VPN2. Intranet VPN3. Extranet VPN1. Remote Access VPN:Remote access VPN is a user-to-LAN (Local Area Network) connection used by an organization whose employees need to connect to the private network from remote locations.The remote access VPN helps save on costs over toll free expenditure and is secure (encrypted tunnels across a public network like the internet), scalable2. Intranet VPN (Interconnecting corporate sites):The intranet VPN helps in cost saving over dedicated, leased lines. There exist tunneled connections and encryption that enables reliable throughput.3. Extranet VPN (connecting corporate site(s) to external business partners or suppliers)Extranet VPN extends WAN (Wide Area Network) to business partners.VPN Security:The most important part of a VPN solution is security. A VPN helps putting private data on public networks and this raises concerns about threats to that data and the impact of data loss. A Virtual Private Network must provide security services in area of Authentication.Authentication ensures that a user or system is who the user claims to be. Security is thus ensured.Authentication Mechanisms:* login name, password, PIN (password – specified number of digits followed by 8 bits that constantly changes at regular intervals)* a computer readable token like a smart card* fingerprint, retinal or iris patternTunneling:Tunneling is a very important part of a VPN. Tunneling involves placing a packet within another packet and sending it over a network. The network (like the internet) over which the packet is sent and the *tunnel interface understand the protocol of the outer packet.Protocols used in Tunneling:* Carrier protocol – The protocol used by the network that the information is traveling over* Encapsulating protocol – The protocol (GRE, *IPSec, L2F, PPTP, L2TP) that is wrapped around the original data* Passenger protocol – The original data (IPX, NetBeui, IP) being carriedExample: A packet that uses a protocol not supported on the internet like NetBeui can be placed inside an IP packet and can be sent safely over the internet.Considering the current business scenario/trend that involves increased commuting/telecommuting and widely spread global operations, with employees who need to connect to central resources from remote sites in order to communicate with each other, technologies like the VPN prove to be very handy and vital.*Tunnel Interface: The two points where the packet enters and exits the network.*IPsec is the security portion of the IP standard that is supported by the Client. IPsec performs packet-by-packet authentication and end-to-end encryption. In addition, IPsec supports the IP within IP encapsulation for network address translation.

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Top Acting Colleges – The Pros and Cons

The top acting colleges in the world share a single goal: To make you the best (and most marketable) actor you can be. That’s how you succeed, and that’s how they succeed too. But before you dive headlong into the world of actor academia, you should make sure it’s what you truly want. Consider the pros and cons…The Pros•The Teachers: These colleges select an array of industry professionals to be acting teachers. And they all bring their own style of acting, forged from experience. It’s a virtual smorgasbord of a curriculum.And the classes are designed like building blocks. For example, students don’t tackle Shakespeare until they’ve finished with basic scene study.•The Safety: The outside world is tough. Show business is tough. A degree program offers you a sanctuary where you can make risky acting choices and hone your craft.Plus, you’re given the opportunity to play roles you would never play in the real world because of age, gender, or type.•The Camaraderie: I met my absolute best friends through my degree program. They make up most of my social circle to this day. The best acting schools will help you to forge unbreakable bonds of friendship. (Great for networking too!)The Cons•The Commitment: Top acting colleges are four-year programs. You’ll spend a minimum of 50 hours a week in class, rehearsal, and performance.And it’s not just the time spent, but the energy. Acting classes are hard work. Physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, even spiritually.•The Pricetag: Average tuition for a private university is over $20K USD per semester. For four years that’s $160,000 USD!•The Unemployment: I used to joke that graduating with a BFA in acting qualified me for two jobs: Being an actor, and waiting tables. (Hold for laughs.)But seriously, employers outside the industry are not impressed by your fine arts degree. So if you ever want to be an accountant, don’t go to college for acting.The Bottom LineAttending an acting college is big, life-altering choice. And only you can know if it’s right for you. A final word of advice:Visit every school you’re considering. Take a tour, interview current students, and (most important) watch them work. If the work is good, you know you’ve found a winner.

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7 Powerful Secrets to Build an Army of Affiliates Selling Your Products For You

Now it’s time to turn the tables a bit. I assume you know how effective it is to be an affiliate for someone else’s product. Now imagine if you had your own product, with a bunch of affiliates out there working on your behalf.If you fished around in ClickBank at all, you no doubt saw some products whose owners biggest source of income were from affiliate referrals. (You Can see this shown after the % refd symbol)There are the most brilliant product owners simply because they have a virtually hands free source of income. They’ve created their product, and put to use the techniques of acquiring affiliates that I’ll teach you now, and watch the money flow into their bank account from the affiliates’ hard work, not their own.This type of income is called passive residual income, and frankly there is no better. The reason are simple:You pay your affiliates only after they’ve made the sale – No more wasted money on ads that might not work.Advertising on Steroids – You’re putting the advertising dollars of your affiliates to work instead of your own.Higher Placement in the Search Engines – Every time an affiliate links back to your site, this helps your placement in the search engines.Okay, you have your product, and you want to start your affiliate program, what do you do first? There are basically two ways to go about it. You can run your affiliate program on your own server, but this requires that you have and know how to install the necessary scripts to run it, plus have your own merchant account set up for accepting payment and sending out the commission checks.Your other option – which is much easier – is to have a third party manager such as ClickBank, or other’s mentioned above run it for you. For simplicity reasons, this is the way I recommend.These companies will send out commission checks for you, track the affiliate sales, and let your affiliates check their stats. The most important predictor of success with your affiliate program revolves around the happiness of your affiliates, bottom line.Therefore you’ll want to do everything humanly possible to make sure that they’re well taken care of. You have to count on them wanting things to be as easy as possible – after all, you don’t want to work extra so why would they?Your success depends on their success – so you should do everything you can to ensure it. You should keep this in mind from the beginning when you set up your affiliate program.Assuming that your product is an information product, I would recommend using ClickBank as your affiliate network. This will let you accept credit cards, they will run your affiliate program for you, plus give over 60,000 affiliates the option to sell your products for you.Basically, they will bill your customers – pay you – and pay your affiliates their commission. They charge a one-time fee of $49.95 for activation, and a $1 + 7.5% fee per sale. This leaves you with no monthly fees. It’s a win/win situation and couldn’t get any easier.Are you wondering how you’re going to get affiliates to want to sell your products? That is where you’ll have to get busy, and make it so beneficial for them that they feel like a fool not to.In order to successfully pull in affiliates, you must sell your affiliate program as hard, if not harder than you sell your products. You must lay on the benefits of selling your program over your competition, which will include providing them with many things such as marketing toolsYour affiliates will need as many ways as possible to get people to their affiliate URL.Some of these things include:

Having professional looking banner ads (of different colors and sizes);
Articles for them to use in their newsletters or on their websites;
Special reports in downloadable format (PDF) that they can be re-brand with their affiliate link and give away to subscribers, or as a free gift for opting-in to a newsletter;
Sample Ads – classified and AdWords ads for them to use;
Lists of popular keywords to get their brain started, giving them a starting point to begin digging deeper;
Unlimited Email Support – This is a biggie – people need to know that you’re there for them if they need you, and will appreciate it when you show them that you are. Bad news regarding customer service spreads very quickly.
A Private User Forum – where affiliates can ask questions and bounce ideas back and forth, etc.
Audio and Video Tutorials.
And a Newsletter giving away the latest breakthroughs and advice.
All of this will go into your Sales Letter that you’ll actually write out for prospective affiliates. Make sure you have the following components in your affiliate sales letter:

A Catchy Headline
An intro that will pull them in to your letter
Bullet points touching on each benefit that they’ll experience when choosing to promote your product.
A story, if you have one, of how affiliate marketing changed someone’s life
Testimonials of happy affiliates and hopefully specifies on how much they were able to earn
A Call to Action that tells them where to click, and what to do when they get to the sign up page.
Basically, the more you have – the better, and the more affiliates you’ll bring in. you have to think of your affiliates as your sales force, and you’re sales manager. You want to help them in as many ways possible so that you can keep your job.You also want to close the sale for them, so make sure that your sales letter for the product converts like crazy. Have a professional copywriter write it if your budget allows – a good one will know the techniques that get people to buy.If you can’t do that, at least try to have someone critique it and show you the weak points in your copy. One thing that will cause you to lose affiliates very quickly is having a site that doesn’t pull in buyers.If notice that they’ve sent you a few hundred visitors, and nobody is biting, they’re going to move on rather quickly to another product.Pay Your Affiliate HandsomelyA lot of people struggle with the fact that you should pay your affiliates at the very least 50% of the products price. On that note, you’ll actually want to pay them much more than that.The reason that you want to do this is for the same reasons I stated above. You want to be able to easily get new affiliates, and keep them. You can’t think of it as losing money, you have to think of it in terms of gaining money.If you’re making only $20 on your $60 ebook, but you have 200 good affiliates out there cranking out sales for you, then you should absolutely to be happy about this. You’re doing nothing to make these sales except pay the commission, while your affiliates are sweating it out in the trenches promoting your product.They’re probably paying for advertising, and spending a lot of their most precious commodity, which is time. Pay them handsomely, and they will continue to reward you handsomely in sheer volume of sales.Affiliates can be very fair weathered friends, and there are thousands of other products for them to choose from. You must do your best to keep them on board, and keep them happy as much as possible.Now that you know about marketing as an affiliate – where no website of you own is required – I’m going to show you how to create your own home on the ‘net. This gives you more control over your online business efforts, and you won’t have to spend a small fortune to get started.

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Cross-Country Business Made Easier With Mobile WiMax

Traveling back and forth across the country for business-related purposes can be a serious drain on your energy and your ability to maximize your rate of productivity. Each time you arrive in a new destination, the prospect of staying connected and making the most of your time is always close at hand. With so much national state hopping, wireless internet has become a crucial tool in the effort to take advantage of all the time spent moving about without losing a clear and constant signal to the World Wide Web. With many smart phones and personal electronic devices now including global positioning technology, you can help yourself stay on the right path while still taking care of your everyday responsibilities.As businesses become more and more competitive, often fighting to stay afloat alongside international competition, they can use all the help they can get. This often means not missing a minute to erratic service or poor connections to the web. It is an established fact at this point that the web is a critical tool in any businesses plan to remain successful. Without a website, live chatting abilities, and a multimedia know-how, you might as well look for a trade more suitable for the 20th century.Still, many small companies are unaware of how mobile broadband can help them get a head start or just a foot ahead in the game. They are skeptical that the services are primarily for private use, and don’t actually provide the cold hard benefits that their companies need. This belief is flawed from the very onset, as there are a variety of factors that both directly and indirectly help businesses promote, grow, and ultimately succeed. Services like mobile wimax are primarily responsible for the continued growth of small companies all around the nation.For those who need it spelled out for them, the growing trend among many businesses, both big and small, is to incorporate social networking into their marketing plan. Because virtually the entire world has grown affection for this fad, there is a gigantic market just waiting to be tapped into. Without fast and reliable connections to the web, you can easily be swept away in the whirlwind of updates and changing interests. 4G is the newest and most reliable service to help counteract this reality. With hyper-fast speeds to help you stay on top of your game even when you are away from the office, you can rely on getting your message out in a timely fashion.When people hardly notice your presence as a company offering goods or services that can directly be of benefit to them, then you know you have a problem. On the other hand, if you discover a way to disperse your message in a subtle but effective way, without overwhelming your clients, then you can expect some positive returns. One way of doing this that has proved extremely effective is by connecting with mobile broadband networks that allow you to promote your ideas no matter where you are in the United States, from sea to shining sea.

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Business Professionals Join MLM Companies

Thinking back over the past few years since I first joined a business in the MLM industry, I cannot imagine doing anything different. Although I never consider myself as someone who would join an MLM, I quickly learned that the network marketing industry provides a tremendous opportunity. Any entrepreneur can build a large business, quickly, with low up-front risk. MLM also provides me with a unique opportunity to travel and work from anywhere world, set my own hours, and help many create a home-based business.Multi Level Marketing companies, or MLM, have been around for many decades now, with the early companies and distributors starting in the late 1860’s. MLM opportunities allow anyone to get started with a business, with little start-up and overhead expenses. It is estimated that there are about 2,000 MLM companies, with many more being added all the time.Let me share with you my personal experience. Prior to entering the MLM industry, the bulk of my career experience had been with marketing and sales with more traditional companies. I started to work in training and consulting about 10 years ago and in doing so, I completed advanced degrees in both business management and psychology. With several letters after my name, I thought that I could not be more prepared to work and consult for any company. I also felt that my extensive education would provide job or career security. I also assumed that I could open an office, hire staff, and build a successful practice in a short time. However, I quickly learned I could have not been more wrong in my strategy.As a well trained professional, I returned to the private sector to quickly learn that many companies that had used consultants were out of business or utilizing internal resources to save money. Agencies were overwhelmed with overqualified applicants to fill lesser staff positions, at lower salaries, and many were going out of business. Private practice too had many challenges, with an office lease, utilities, employee concerns, licensing, insurance, and many liabilities that make it difficult to turn a profit.Professionals do join MLM companies!One day I was introduced to an MLM company, and I was hooked. I was initially criticized by my peers, as it did not seem right that a professional would join an MLM company. However, as my business grew many of my peers begin to call me and ask about my success. In this economy, many professional are struggling to survive and break even in their chosen profession. While they work 50+ hours a week in practice, teach part-time, and sometimes see clients on weekends, I am at the beach, traveling to Mexico, and managing my business from anywhere in the world working just 20-25 hours a week; earning more income!There are many benefits within MLM companies. MLM’s generally require a start up that can be less that $100. There are no licensing or insurance requirements. You can work from home, which has many substantial tax benefits. There is virtually no overhead, and the financial rewards are huge. Professionals are seeking these opportunities, and many have moved out of their professional positions and work an MLM business full-time. I found that as I started to work my primary business, it became easy to approach professionals as they were seeking alternative sources of income.Currently, I have personally sponsored several business, medical, and several other professionals with advanced degrees into my business. I have also sponsored many companies, and I have even sponsored the CEO of a 1.5 Billion-Dollar company into my organization. I am often asked how I was able to do this, to which I say… it is easy, I just present them with the opportunity. MLM is perfect for professionals, as it gives them a business that they can excel in and have fun with in the process. It also provides alternative sources of income, and many tax benefits. Best of all, professionals are joining MLM companies for the simple fact that it can be very lucrative; sometime much more so than their chosen profession. A lot of industry research indicates that is you treat your MLM as a profession, and stick it out for 3-5 years; there is a very high chance of achieving a six-figure income and often more! While this is appealing to many, it may be very appealing to an individual with a professional degree; as it just may be much more than they would have earned in their using their professional degree.

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